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The purpose of this website
Duoporta identified the need for a website where people can quickly and easily find quality new-vehicle information - simply:

  • 1. Filter vehicles by selecting criteria
  • 2. Create a shortlist
  • 3. Compare these vehicles.
Company profile

Duoporta vehicle information specialists specialize in the collection of vehicle information from manufacturers, importers and distributors, covering models, prices, detailed spec + images on new vehicles.

This vehicle information is processed and then published on the duoporta website, and supplied to South Africa's online and print motoring media (motoring websites, magazines and newspapers) and to corporates.

What does the name duoporta mean? A duo of ports, in reference to vehicle parts functioning in pairs, such as doors, valves and lights.

Copyright notice

All vehicle information and images are published as copyright © of duoporta.


Although most care is taken in supplying accurate information and images to a level of perfection, duoporta management, employees or sources may not be held responsible in any way for any errors or omissions, nor for any loss incurred, in any form whatsoever.